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R&W 6

Started by Figleaf, November 17, 2007, 12:31:01 AM

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I was looking for more information on Ruffler & Deith and came across this site.

Of particular interest is this excerpt:

QuoteIt was back in the Sixties that Bob Deith ran London Coin one of the leading names in the industry at the time, before setting up in business with the late Bill Ruffler in 1974. The firm that began life as Ruffler and Deith almost 30 years ago went on to become a major force in the UK distribution business, riding the ups and downs of the industry. Those ups and down saw Bob Deith twice take his company public, before selling it to Sega in 1991, then buying it back with the backing of Spanish gaming giant Cirsa and finally disposing of the company to Jack and Ashley Temple (who recently passed it on to Crown).

So we have a terminus post quem of 1974 for the R&D tokens.


That is useful confirmation of the date 1974 given in the book - which also give a date of 1944 for R&W.

However no date given for Deith Leisure.
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Came across this history of the people and events behind the Phonographic Equipment Co. Ltd.

Among other things, it allows us to date the "P E" tokens to 1958-1968: the company was founded in 1958 and had changed its name to Associated Leisure Ltd by 1968 (the document doesn't give a precise date).


always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


Thanks I was searching when you found it first.

We have another snippet about Phonograph Equipment
Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.