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King Hussein was born in 1935. King Faisal II of Iraq was his cousin. King Faisal was assassinated, but King Hussein, nicknamed the PLK (Plucky little King) was certainly a survivor, in a dangerous region that has been plagued by enmities: monarchs and Ba'athist dictators; Arabs and Jews; Sunnis and Shi'ites; Palestinian and Israelis; Arab nationalists, the PLO, and religious fundamentalists; Communist clients and supporters of the West.

He saw several numismatic portraits of himself during his lifetime; these, I think, are all of them.


The first numismatic portrait of King Hussein, which appeared in 1968, was by British artist and sculptor, Philip Nathan. He is perhaps best known for designing the UK Charles and Diana Royal Wedding crown (25 pence) of 1981. He also designed the reverse of the UK's first Britannia gold bullion coins of the 1980s, the circulating coin series of Barbados (1970s onward), and the reverses of Gibraltar's circulation series of 2004 and 2005.


Jordan, 1969.

This portrait appeared on a collector set of silver and gold coins, issued by the Italcambio Mint in 1969.


Jordan, 25 dinars, 1977.  25th anniversary of Hussein's accession to the throne.


Jordan, dinar, 1977.  25th anniversary of Hussein's accession to the throne.


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