Surabaya Exhibition Medal

Started by Numii_Anglii, February 25, 2011, 05:04:35 PM

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This one is quite a large medal, one one side the motto "LABOR IMPROBUS OMNIA VINCIT" or 'hard work conquers all' at top and "TANDEM FIT SURCULUS ARBOR" - 'at length the shoot becomes a tree', at bottom. In the centre, in a wreath, "TENTOONSTELLING TE SOERABAIJA" = Surabaya Exhibition? Other side is blank, with a wreath around rim.
Any more information on this medal would be dearly appreciated. And enjoy the photos of the medal!


Looks like a prize medal to me. The empty space may have been meant for engraving a name and a category of prize. The spelling of SOERABAIJA looks a bit odd, since I am used to Soerabaja or Surabaya.

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