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Bhopal Half Anna

Started by Rangnath, October 26, 2007, 02:20:43 AM

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Perhaps someone has a catalog that indicates the weight and size of this denomination. The coin I have is 15 gms and 22 to 24 mm across.  I can just make out the date as 1305 AH or 1888 during the reign of Shah Jahan Begam.  I first guessed that it was a 1/4 anna, but I have since learned that the weight places it as a half anna,  Km 17.1. 

I sure am delighted with it!  There is so much to love about the old city of Bhopal and the coin brings back great memories of wonderful people and the mysteries of the central bazaar.


Dear Richie, you?re right it?s a ? anna of Bhopal (KM#17.1) On the obverse the legend reads:
(from bottom to top) Neem Anna Nawab Shah Jahan Begam.
Reverse: Zarb Bhopal, Sanah 1305


QuoteNawab Shah Jahan Begam

Please enlighten me, Oesho. Is Begam the same as the title Begum? If so, is this a female Shah?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

BC Numismatics

Peter,a Begum is the feminine title for a Muslim ruler.In Iran,the title 'Shahbanou' was given to the Empress Farah Pahlavi by the late Shah Mohammed Pahlavi in 1967.



Finally found a computer to use with some time with which to use it!

The King has a Queen and a Nowaab (spelling?) has a Begum. When I saw the name of the ruler though, I thought that perhaps the word Begum was the surname or family name of the ruler.  As in Martin Luther King or Ellory Queen.  In this case the name of the ruler would be Governor Shah Jahan Queen if you will.

Thanks Oesho for the information you shared with us about the Bhopali coin and the Madurai Kasu. 


The State of Bhopal had in the past three female rulers, viz.: Nawab Khudsia Begum, Nawab Sikandar Jahan Begum and Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum. Also the present titular nawab of Bhopal is feminine.
All the details of the rulers can be found on

BC Numismatics

Oesho,there is also a list that you can find through .