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Mughal Fractions......
« on: November 24, 2010, 06:56:21 AM »
While I was at my local dealers place, he showed me some fractions of Mughal and one presidency coin. An awsome collection. I have photographed them for the benifit of the group as we generally find rupees pictured every where, the half rupees some places but the tiny fractions......1 Anna, 2 least for me an very very rare occurance. I do have 1 each of the fractions of the later Mughals (including Aurangzeb) but had never had a chance to see the fractions of Akbar, Shah Jahan etc.

I am extremely sorry for the poor quality of images whic was due to photographs beeng taken in a room without much lighting, under a flash.

I will be posting them as soon as I is the first one.....a 1 Anna of Akbar, AH 1000.

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Re: Mughal Fractions......
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Full date.  Nice!

Ultimately, our coins are only comprehensible against the background of their historical context.

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Re: Mughal Fractions......
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Great coin!