Yemen, kabir AH1213 and undated Bukshah

Started by Lori, September 24, 2010, 05:37:50 PM

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Good day to you all,
I'm lost in details and I can't identifies the country of origin for these two coins.
More details: coin No1.  silver, 1.10 grams, diam.14.5 mm
                 coin No2.  silver, 0.40 grams, diam. 13 mm
Many thanks and best regards.
Constanta - Romania


Looks like Yemenite coins of the Imams of Sana. The upper one is a Kabir struck under Al Mansur 'Ali at San'a dating AH 1213. The lower pictures show a Bukshah of San'a. Date is off flan.
If they are to swap or to buy, please, send me a PM!


   Good day Sir ,
Thank you very much for your help,really appreciated.For proposal also,but I don't intend to swap or sell them.
Laurentiu C.