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Sticker art
« on: September 09, 2010, 12:52:25 PM »
Join the 'Found a Pound' treasure hunt during the Liverpool Biennial
by Natalie Evans. Published Wed 08 Sep 2010

Visitors to the city during the 2010 Liverpool Biennial will have the chance to take part in a creative treasure hunt to find hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of pound coins.

Found a Pound will see pound coins hidden in art galleries and public spaces during the Biennial, each with a sticker directing finders to where visitors will find imaginative ways on how a simple pound coin can be used to make a real difference.

Artist and Found a Pound creator Rowan Seddon-Harvey said: “The project aims to encourage giving and we will start by giving to YOU, British £1 coins. All you have to do is find them."

Anyone wishing to take part can register on to be the first to receive a set of clues.

The website contains many ideas including, information on Micro Volunteering, activities that you can do at home, from your computer or during your lunch break at work in just a few minutes.

So why a pound? Visual artist Rowan explained: "Nearly a quarter of the worlds population lives on a pound a day or less. Spend the pound on anything at all, a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate or drop it in the hat of a busker. Although it's just small change, you could use it to make a bigger change."

You could also lose a few pounds by finding some pounds. The Gallery Walking Tour is a fantastic way to lose weight whilst seeing great art and hunting down our pound coins.

Director of Art in Liverpool and Liverpool Biennial Independents, Ian Jackson, said: Found a pound is a great idea and the sort of quirky thing that can really grab peoples attention.”

Register on and receive a free printable guide, including a map with the best route for fitness, clues to help you find the pounds and information on the artists and exhibitions. Healthy gifts will also be hidden along the way to give you an extra boost.

You can also sign up for a free sticker sheet at Stick them on your own coins and pop to the shops with some art in your pocket, or organise a set of clues to create your own Find a Pound treasure hunt.

Source: Click Liverpool
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