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Canada: KM696 Mule obverse 2008, reverse 2007

Started by Rasmus, September 05, 2010, 08:15:44 PM

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just wondering is this correct coin?or is this KM683?
what is exactly different in 2008 obverse?


You have a very nice KM#683.
KM#696 is the mule (proof only according to Krause) though the date is 2007 in the book I think the coin is actually dated 2008.

I found the below, on this page.

QuoteAll of these coins were also made available at service stations, encapulated on a credit card-sized card. Many pressings of the Alpine Skiing coin released to service stations and to special 2010 Winter Olympic "coin boards" in October 2007 were the victim of a pressing error called a mule, with a 2008 obverse accidentally minted rather than the expected 2007. According to the Royal Canadian Mint, "sports cards" and 10,000 "coin board" sets were released with the error before it was caught.[note: the 2007 Alpine Skiing colour quarters were later struck with the correct 2007 die]. A similar mule occurred with the Wheelchair Curling issue, with an obverse featuring the standard Vancouver 2010 logo being used instead of the Paralympic logo. Both coins subsequently found demand in the collectors market.[11]. 2009 bobsleigh mules have also been found in circulation and colourized carded coins.
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....