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Spain: blundered inscriptions?

Started by lusomosa, September 02, 2007, 10:58:55 PM

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Still talking about blundered inscriptions.

Look at this pic..... It looks good BUT
This coin was sold as UNIQUE   the text exists on a slight different coin type ( Cruzado Au ,from Manuel I of Portugal )
AND I read a warning about high quality forgeries made in Russia and offered for sale in Germany. Some Portuguese coins but many from other countries,
made of good silver and gold.

What about this coin than I can not say for 100% is is false BUT I WOULD NOT BUY IT.

Can some one spot what is suspect about the text !!!!!! :o

I can say : "there is nothing blundered about this text ???

BC Numismatics

Luis,it looks like a dud to me,as the inscription just looks 'too good' for a hammered coin.



IN HOC SIGNO missing and titles twice. I'd buy this coin from a well-known dealer with a return guarantee, never on eBay. That has nothing to do with wether I think the coin is good or not. I just think the vast majority of expensive coins, all Chinese coins, practically all Roman coins from Russian and Balkan sellers, practically all older gold coins and all coins from Chinese sellers are fakes. I'd rather write to a Nigerian offering commissions on vast sums than bid on such coins. In fact, I am boycotting eBay altogether, but that's personal.

However, I have seen similar genuine errors on coins of the Southern Netherlands. The reason for these obvious mistakes is that in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, economies and money circulation were expanding very fast, owing to vast unpaid silver and gold imports from Africa and Latin America. At the same time, coining methods hadn't improved since the Romans. Therefore, coiners were always in a hurry and mistakes tolerated.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Hi There,

The inscription does look too good, I agree normally, not all the letters would not stand out like in this one ! Very good Aidan.
As for the title twice, Peter it is very unusual but they to exist ( Quite a few from this Monarch ).

What is really worrying about this coin are the "N's" !!!!!

THE "N's" ON THIS COIN ARE ALL WELL MADE , there is no "N" with the bar across like "/".
There is so far no known coin from Lisbon with correct "N's" and this coin has them all good.




OK, you have a point there :D Were the N's inverted in official documents also, or is this typical for the coins?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Hi Peter,

I took a while to make sure, but the mistake is typical of the coins only. Documents of the time and of this king in particular always shows good N's.