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Poland and Lithuania commemorate 1410 battle

Started by chrisild, July 23, 2010, 03:05:43 PM

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600 years ago, in mid-July 1410, Poland and Lithuania fought against the Teutonic Knights near Grunwald, today in northern Poland. This year both Poland and Lithuania issued several coins to commemorate the victory in the Battle of Grunwald.

The battle and its location(s) are known* by different names: Grunwald (Polish) and Žalgiris (Lithuanian) refer to the same village; Tannenberg (German) refers to the neighboring place. Here is some info from Wikipedia about the battle.

* To say that the place is "known" in Germany would be an exaggeration. ;) Some may remember Tannenberg as the name of a WW1 battle (the name was deliberately picked afterwards even though the 1914 battle was not exactly there), but I suppose that, if you asked people here about the place, the most common reaction here would be "Tannen-what?" Apparently that is quite different in Lithuania and Poland.

Lithuania just issued three coins - one circulating commem and two collector coins on that occasion. More about the issues (in English) is here:  This is the 1 litas coin; Cu-Ni, mintage 1 million:

The other two pieces are surcharged collector coins, one in silver (mintage 10,000), one in gold (mintage 5,000):

Poland issued two coins - a 2 złote Nordic Gold coin that can be at face (mintage 1.4 million) and an oval (!) silver collector piece (mintage 60,000). This folder has some more info (in English), and also shows the Lithuanian pieces:

(Larger image: obverse / reverse)

(Larger image: obverse / reverse)

By the way, the Polish set shown in the PDF file also includes a piece that commemorates the Kłuszyn battle, 200 years later. I left that out here since I wanted to focus on the Grunwald pieces from the two countries.


Ukrainii Pyat

Nice coins, are they going to be offered in a complete set of the two nations coins?

"Grunwald" - Polish?  Whack?  I thought that was Deutsch for "green forest".
Донецк Украина Donets'k Ukraine


Don't know if there will be a Polish-Lithuanian "combo" set; seems that the central banks and mints in the two countries do not offer any. Then again, this way each collector can decide whether he wants the base metal pieces only, or the silver/gold coins too.

In Germany there is a place called Grünwald (near Munich, BY), and one named Grunewald (in Berlin), and yes, both names basically mean Green Forest. :) But this place? Well, I just looked it up, and while "Grunwald" may look German, it seems to be the Polish name of the village: The German name is, or used to be, Grünfelde - something like Green Field(s) ...


Ukrainii Pyat

I had to look up what it should be in Polish "zielony las" - which of course is very close to what we say in Russian - "зеленый лес" literally zeleni les.  Gees, and to think I believe we borrow many words to Russian, even Poles borrow words :D
Донецк Украина Donets'k Ukraine


very beautyful coin!
I have such 1 litas, sent by my collegue fron Lithuania!

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