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Index of coins with an overlay, clarifying its text
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:17:18 PM »
Here I am going to list of the great overlays that this forum has created. The list will be updated as and when I find something.

Mughal India

Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur, AH 936, Copper, Rahman Type 103, [Explained]
Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur (932-937 AH; 1525-1530AD), Shahrukhi, "Badshah" type

Mughal - Nasir Al-Din Humayun - AR Mitqal CM over Timurid Tanka Sultan 'Ali
Humayun, AR Shahrukhi, Lahore?
Humayun nisfi
Mughal Dynasty: Anonymous fractional Dams of Humayun (AH 937-968), mint Agra
Humayun Bahluli, Dar al-mulk Hazrat Dehli
Humayun light weight falus
Humayun. Bahaloli. Mint: Dar al Aman, Agra AH 942.


Akbar Dam Ahmadabad AH986
Akbar Dam Lahore AH987
Akbar Dam Dogaon AH99?
Akbar Dam Dogaon AH996
Akbar Dam AH984 Dogaon
Abkar Dam - Allahabad IE31
Akbar Dam Dehli Ilahi IE4X Ardibihisht
Akbar Dam Lakhnau AH987
Akbar dam, mint Munimabad, 977Ah
Akbar, Dam, Balapur mint, Ilahi 47
Akbar damra of Balapur mint / month "mihr"
Akbar, AR Dam, Dar al-Zarb Khitta Kalpi, AH964 
Akbar dam, Gorakhpur mint, early type 97xAh
Akbar dam, mint Tatta, ilahi 38 
Akbar, Dam. Mint: Anhilwara Patan. AH 985
Rarest Chau tanki of Akbar- Delhi mint
Akbar, Half Dam, Hisar Firoza Mint, KM# 22.19
Akbar dam mint Gwalior.
Akbar Dam Adl Falus Lahore AH 978
Akbar Dam, Lahore, Isfundermuz Month, Ilahi- 40 , (KM 32.17)
6 Dams of Akbar to be identified
Akbar, AE Dam, Mirath, Valentine Nos. 162 and 163
Akbar, AE Dam, Sambhal mint, Ilahi month "Di", year 37
Akbar, AE Dam, Multan mint, Ilahi 4X/Khurdad
Akbar, AE Dam, Urdu Zafar Kareen, Ilahi 42
Dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Narnol (Flower type), AH 980
Akbar (AH963-1014/1556-1605AD): Damri (1/8 Dam), Hazrat Dehli, AH971, KM#10.1
Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), Dam, Urdu Zafar Qarin Mint, AH 1000, KM#34.1
Akbar, Nisfi (1/2 Dam), Burhanpur mint, Ilahi Yr 45, Khurdad (Gemini), KM#23.13
Akbar, AE Dam, Srinagar, Ilahi year 44, month Di, Liddle type C-46
Akbar, AE Dam, Saharanpur, Ilahi 42, month Aban, KM#32.22, Liddle type C-45
Dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Narnol, AH 963
Akbar, AE Dam, Dehli mint, Ilahi 35, Unusual variety
Akbar Dam mint Agra 985 A.H
Akbar. Dam. Hissar Firoza?
Akbar, Dam, Allahabad, Ilahi 31, Month Mihr
Akbar Dam mint Lahore 977 A.H (A'dl type)
Akbar Dam Mint Fathpur 986 A.H
Akbar Dam 992 A.H. Mint- Ajmer
Akbar, Dam. Mint: Chittor. AH 1001
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dogaon, Dar al Salam, Ref: KM#28.19, AH XXX & AH 989
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dogaon (Epithet?), AH 986 Ref: KM#28.1?
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dar al-Khilafat Lucknow, AH 986 & AH 995 Ref: KM#28.37
Akbar, AE Dam, Sarhind mint, Ilahi 4X
Unidentified Indian coin
Reading the 12 Ilahi months on copper coins of Akbar
Akbar, Suri-Style Dam, Alwar mint, Lahore Museum cat. No. 879
Akbar Dam
Akbar, AE Dam, Malpur mint, AH985, KM#28.38
Small AE coin, 3.08g ,Mughal fraction of Akbar, Delwara mint
contmporary counterfeit like a Mughal Dam?
Akbar, 1/2 Dam, Sukkar mint, Ilahi 46, Liddle#C55

Akbar, AR Ilahi Rupee set of 12 months, Ahmadabad mint 
Akbar I, Lahore mint, Ilahi 47, month: Aban, half Rupee, KM 66.3. (with overlay)

Akbar Rupee Urdu Zafar Qarin - Undated
Rupee of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Ahmadabad, Ilahi yr 4X, Bahman
Akbar, Anonymous Rupee (Rebellion issue of Prince Salim), Allahabad, ND, KM97.1
Akbar: Silver Rupee, Allahabad, ornamental type (contains the overlay of the Rebellion issue of Prince Salim)
Mughal Dynasty: Rupee of Akbar, Kalima Type, 982AH (1574 AH), Mint Agra(?). (Persian alphabets  explained)
Rupee of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Ahmadabad, Ilahi yr 40 or 46, Mihr
Akbar, Rupee, Mint: Urdu Zafar Qarin and date Alif (= AH 1000)
Akbar square rupee Urdu zafar qarin mint 1000 A.H wide flan
Akbar Square Silver Rupee - help to attribute ?
Akbar Rupee
Akbar (AH963-1014, 1556-1605 AD), Rupee, Kalima Type, 975AH (1567 AD), Agra mint
Akbar, Ornamental style Rupee, KM#94.3, Lahore mint, 50 year, Amardad month
Akbar Rupee, Berar mint, Ilahi 4x, "Ram" in persian

Akbar Falus: Ujjain Mint
Akbar, Falus of Malwa-type: Two examples and a question 
Akbar falus, Ahmednagar mint- A new type 

Jahangir Ahmadnagar copper falus AH.1017, RY.4
Jahangir, 4 Tanki, Pre-accession coinage
Jahangir, Rupee, Pre-accession coinage,KM#140.1
Mughal, Jahangir, Malwa standard falus, Ujjain mint
Jahangir as Prince Salim, Rupee, Ahmadabad mint, ND (RY2), KM#140.2
Jahangir - Lahore Rupee AH 1036/RY22 - Liddle S-108
Jahangir, Rupee, Qandahar mint, "Dil Khah" Couplet, AH1027/RY 12, KM#142.2
Jahangir Qandahar falus yr 3 , any reference for this type?
Jahangir or Shah Jahan. Mint: Malwa area? Please help
Rupee in the name of Noor Jahan, AH1034/Ry.20, Lahore, KM#168.4
Rupee of Jahangir (AH1014-1037/1605-1628AD), Ahmadabad, AH1027, RY13 (KM149.4)
Jahangir (AH1014-1037/1605-1627AD): AE Dam, Agra mint, 1021 AH/RY 7, KM#126.1
Jahangir, Rupee mint: Lahore, RY 9, Month: Dai (Capricorn). Ref: KM#145.11
Rupee in the name of Noor Jahan, AH1035/RY 20, Surat, KM#168.6
Nur Jahan: Silver Rupee, Surat, AH 1034 RY 2x
Jahangir, AE Dam, Deogiri mint, Liddle type C-2
Jahangir, Ajmer , Dam, AH 1025, KM #126.8
Jahangir, Rupee, Agra, KM# 145.1
Jahangir 20% overweight rupee (Jahangiri), Tatta mint KM#152.7
Jahangir Rupee Inayat couplet

Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan, AR Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM# 228.4
SHAH JAHAN. Rupee. Mint: Multan. AH 1046 RY 9
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Multan mint, AH(10)38/RY 2, Ilahi month Tir, KM# 222.11 *
Shah Jahan 
Shah Jahan, Rupee Ahmedabad, AH 1037 RY Ahd
Shah Jahan. Rupee, Mint: Surat, AH 1066, RY 29, KM#235.23
Mughal Dynasty: Shah Jahan, two Rupee coins, Surat mint
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Patna mint, AH1039/RY 2, Ilahi month Bahman, KM# 224.16 *
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Katak, AH1069(?). Ref.: KM#235.15
Shah Jahan, Rupee, AH1061/Ry 25, Lahore mint
Shah Jahan, Akbarabad, Rupee, AH 1039/Ry 3, KM 226.1

Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Surat mint, RY 6, KM#206.6
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Narnol, AH(10)42, Unpublished
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068), Dam, mint Daryakot, (unpublished mint), AH1045, RY 8,
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Akbarabad mint, RY 5, KM#206.1
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Bairata mint, KM#206.2
Shah Jahan, AE Dam, Lakhnau mint, KM#206.4
Shah Jahan 1/2 dam Qandahar 1052 AH yr 15: Afghanistan or Deccan ?
Shah Jahan, AE Dam, Ahmadabad mint, RY 6, Ilahi month (10) Di; KM#206.9

Aurangzeb, Rupee, AH1112/Ry 44, Bareli mint
Aurangzeb, AE Paisa, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#285.9
Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), 1/2 Paisa, Haidarabad mint, AH1106/38, KM#283.1
Aurangzeb Alamgir (AH1068-1118), AE Paisa, Machhlipatan, AH1114/RY46, KM#285.6
Aurangzeb Rupee, Shahjahanabad, KM 300.81, AH 1116/RY 49.
Aurangzeb Rupee - yr41 - Lucknow mint
Aurangzeb Alamgir (AH1068-1118 / 1658-1707AD), Dam, Surat mint, RY 7, KM#286.4 it Alamgir, Shah Alam or Aurangzeb. Please help attribute
Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), Paisa, Haidarabad mint, AH1106/49 (Error Date?)
Aurangzeb. Rupee, Mint: Nusratgarh (Jinji)? AH 1101, RY 34.
Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), Dam, Singhana mint, AH1112/RYXX
Aurangzeb, half paisa, mailapur mint! 1116Ah. Rare!!

Kam Baksh
Kam Baksh dar al zafar Bijapur, 1120Ah copper

Shah Alam Bahadur
Shah Alam Bahadur (AH1119-24;1707-12AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad, AH1122/4, KM#347*
Shah Alam Bahadur (AH1119-24;1707-12AD), Rupee, Lahore mint, AH1121/3, KM#347.13*
Shah Alam Bahadur, Rupee, khambayat mint
Shah Alam Bahadur paisa, Bahadurgarh mint

Jahandar Shah
Mughals: Jahandar Shah (AH1124), Various Rupees
Jahandar Shah, AE Paisa, Surat mint


Farrukhsiyar (AH1124-31/AD1713-19), Rupee, Mint Lahore, 1125 AH/RY 2, KM#377.43
Farrukhsiyar Rupee RY5  , Surat mint
Rafi-Ud-Darjat, Silver Rupee, Itawa mint, KM# 405.8

Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-Daula)
Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-Daula) (AH1131/AD1719), Rupee, Shahjahanabad, KM#415.23

Muhammad Shah
Muhammad shah Bhakkar.
Muhammad Shah (AH1131-61, 1719-48AD), Paisa, AH1144/RY14, Machilipatan, KM#430.5
Mogul Rupee AH 1152
Muhammad Shah, Rupee, AH1144/Ry 14, Kora mint
Muhammad Shah rupee Azimabad RY8
Muhammad Shah rupee RY3 Itawa
Muhammad Shah rupee RY3 Surat

Ahmad Shah Bahadur
Maratha Rupee i.n.o. Ahmad Shah Bahadur, Katak mint (struck at Nagpur), RY 5

Alamgir II (AH1167-73,1754-59AD), Rupee, Lahore mint, 1168AH/RY 1, KM#460.13
Shah Alam II (AH1174-1221, 1759-1806 AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#709.2
Muhammad Akbar II (AH1221-23, 1806-37AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#777

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