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Graphics software

Started by Arminius, July 04, 2010, 09:45:05 AM

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Which graphics programme is best for World of Coins?

Photoscape (PC) free
5 (17.2%)
Paintshop Pro (PC) paid
7 (24.1%)
Irfanview (PC) free
3 (10.3%)
Graphic Converter (Mac) paid
2 (6.9%)
GIMP (PC, Linux) free
2 (6.9%)
Microsoft Paint (PC) paid
0 (0%)
PaintNet (PC) free
1 (3.4%)
Photoshop (PC, Mac) paid
7 (24.1%)
ACDSee (PC, Mac) paid
0 (0%)
Resizr (web-based) free
0 (0%)
Resizejpeg (web-based) free
1 (3.4%)
PicResize (web-based) free
1 (3.4%)

Total Members Voted: 28


Stuff moves fast, Ole. I was talking about 2Tb for less than €70.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Indeed, indeed, we can tell stories in front of the lighted chimney for our grandchildren.

Like "in my youth we had to crank a telephone to get connected to an operator in a telephone central and ask her to be connected to the number I wanted to talk to. She would then put a jack in a hole to get to the next bigger telephone hub, and another operator would put a jack in hole and so on, until the wanted number was reached through all the connections and if I was lucky there would be somebody next to the  wanted telephone to answer it, who might be the person I wanted or somebody else. If not there was no way to leave a message, neither written nor oral." Oh, yes!

Below a KTAS telephone 100% like the one we had in home in Denmark


I have an old 1950s phone on my desk too, got it from my grandfather, not as old as that one though.

I have a stack of 1TB SSDs, cost around 70 each now, the price falls every time I buy one :) - soon they will be free with coffee!