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Order Of British India (Medal # 36 MYB)

Started by Abhay, June 06, 2010, 09:28:29 AM

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This is one of the few British Medals, made of Gold, which was given to officers of the British Indian Army. This was instituted in 1837 by the East India Company.

This Gold Badge consists of a Gold star with a crown between the upper two points and a Blue Enamelled centre bearing a LION surrounded by the words "ORDER OF BRITISH INDIA". This enamelled portion is enclosed in a laurel wreath.

The Ribbon is Crimson in colour and is worn around the neck.

The height of the medal is 42mm, width is 38mm.

This medal was given to the officers of the Indian Army for their long and faithful services. Recepient of this medal was entitled to use letters OBI after his name.



Excellent piece, ribbon and all engipress. This is also part of Indian history. Was it still possible to identify the recipient?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Dear Peter,

These medals are Unnamed. Normally, a certificate was awarded to the recepient with the medal. One of such certificate, that I found on the net, is shown here.


PS: Attached the said Certificate


Hello, sorry to revive an old thread. My Grand Father was awarded this medal in the second world war. I am looking for more information on it and would like to know where i can purchase an authentic example. Thank you.


Dear Shoaib,

Welcome to the WoC.

Nice to know that your Grandfather was a recipient of this medal.
These medals were issued in very limited numbers, and as such, not easy to find.

Sometimes, they do appear in some Auctions like Todywalla or Classical Numismatic Gallery etc, but very rarely.

Till such time, you have to keep your fingers crossed. :) :)



Hello Shoaib,

Order of British India or OBI were awarded in 2 classes.
1st Class (interestingly this had 3 varieties)
2nd Class (without crown on top and with different ribbon and complete dark blue enamel in center)

Since your grand father was awarded with OBI for WW2, i assume it was most probably for military action.

All OBI recipients and their details can be found in IAL (Indian Army List).
You can either research by yourself with your grand fathers name or anyone with a copy of IAL can help you find the details like when and with what citation OBI was awarded to your grand father.

Also, which version of OBI was awarded.

Then if you wish you can look out for the same variant of OBI as a replacement if original one got stolen\is lost\ was sold.

As Abhay mentioned, there are few dealers in India who can find it for you.
But remember - this one wont come cheap.

To much extent as its made up of gold, prices have shot up like anything.
With current prices, you can get your OBI between 1200 GBP to 1500 GBP.

Hope this helps.


There are varieties of the 1st class badges




My Pleasure Abhay
Wish we could have more of medals and orders related discussion on the forum.. But probably not many are interested in collecting ODMs..



Hello Everyone,

Attached is a picture of my Great Grand father. I believe he was awarded an OBI which no one still living knew about, as around his next hangs the fuzzy resemblance of one.

Does anyone agree that he wears an OBI medal?

I would also like to find the record of when he was awarded it as sometimes it will say the recipients date of Birth. Can anybody help?

His name was Philip/Phillip Thomas Joseph, Joseph being his last name, and he was born around 1900. I know and my grand father confirmed that he was a captain in the Indian army, which I noticed from the 3 diamonds on his shoulder.

I have searched the 1921 army list but have found no sign of my great grand father, maybe his name is in a different format?

Any advice for finding records about him or his OBI would be great and I welcome any comments,



Dear Edward,

From the image, it certainly looks to be Order of British India.

You can have more information on OBI at this link:

Unfortunately, the list of Recipients on Wikipedia is incomplete, and does not show the name of your Great Grandfather.