Bombay Presidency: 1/5 Rupee, RY 2, Contemporary Counterfeit (?)

Started by Overlord, June 06, 2010, 07:37:09 AM

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Mass=1.7 g

The metal looks brass rather than silver.




Greetings, Overlord,

The colour rendition of scans like this can be misleading, but I have never seen a Bombay Billy loking so coppery as this one.  There is often a brownish patina on part or even most of the surface, but this one looks overall copper.  And it is a bit light in weight for a billy.  Maybe it is a copper core intended to be coated in silver, or maybe it was coated in silver, which has since worn off?  It may be a deception in the picture, but some of the field looks as if it has a silvery hue, but you are in a better position to judge on that score.  My own view would tend towards a copper forgey, but a very good one.  Or it is genuine with an unusually overall brown patina, but exceptionally lightweight.  Anyway, it was interesting to see, and thanks for the posting.  I hope others will try to solve the mystery with greater success.

It has often been said on WoC that some matters can only be judged well, if the coin is in ones own hot little hands, but that remains as true today as it was last week, I fear.

Sorry not to be able to be more certain.

Ultimately, our coins are only comprehensible against the background of their historical context.