AKBAR AGRA RUPEE AH 96(5) - 11.2 Gm. - 25 MM - KM80.1

Started by jaspersaini, January 17, 2024, 12:06:45 PM

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Akbar Rupee, broad flan Rupee

AH 96(5) - sadly the last digit was under the test mark, does look like like 5.

11.2 Gm. - 25 MM - KM80.1

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Decent coin, Agra mint. Unfortunately last digit under test mark, and hard to definitively tell what that digit might have been.
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There may be an ascender sticking out from under the test mark. My guess is that it is a ١ ٢ ٣ ٦ or ٩, but I am rooting for ٢  or ٣.

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Does anyone know what the text on the reverse (right-hand picture) outside the square is?

I believe that the word on the left side is "al-sultan" but can not read the other three sides.


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Thanks for the insight. I will try to look for the coins with complete text.