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Fantasy? Museum currency?

Started by FosseWay, January 15, 2024, 06:20:47 PM

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Any ideas what this is?

Bronze, 24.3 mm, 4.09 g.

My two hypotheses are:

1. A token struck for a museum, which visitors can buy either as a souvenir or to spend at a given exchange rate to normal money in the shop or restaurant. Similar tokens exist for several museums in the UK, and I recently discovered one from Iceland.

2. Festival money, specifically in this case LARP money (live-action roleplaying) - this came to mind after I identified a long-standing resident of my "WTH box" as something similar.

In either case it would be from somewhere with an emphasis on the migration/Viking/medieval period.

I can't make out the text for sure; on the side with the "postage stamp" I think it says ADALBERTVS though somewhat garbled. On the side with the nutter with the sword (I mean, who the heck holds a sword by its blade like that?), it's even less clear. BOrEN to the left and SVVA to the right?

A Google image search doesn't yield anything; it was this method that allowed identification of the LARP token I mentioned, as its designer had posted pictures.


Is the figure holdng a sword, or a rowing oar ? In the last case, if the text to the left reads "boten" the combination would make sense in Dutch.


Interesting possibility that I hadn't considered  :)


In view of the position of the other hand, an oar would indeed make more sense.

FWIW, I picked up some imitation "Viking coins" in the vikinge skibsmuseet in Roskilde (DK) a few years ago. IIRC (they were stolen), they were made in the UK.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I don't know what this is, but for the original you can check the denars of Bolesław IV Kędzierzawy 1146-1173.


Ah, thanks for that. There is a denier of Bolesław IV Kędzierzawy on Numista which almost precisely matches my "coin":

This is silver, minted in Kraków 1146-1157, N# 138040. Interestingly, the description on Numista says "Prince on throne" where THCoins suggested "Rower with oar" and I "Nutcase with sword"!

I suspect this is museum coinage from somewhere in the Kraków region, possibly further afield in Poland. I will attribute it to Poland for the time being. Thanks all.