Kang-xi, Zhejiang, private made poem cash

Started by bgriff99, December 21, 2023, 02:20:18 PM

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Found "in the wild" with other mixed cash from Indonesia, collected for sale in the 1970's-80's.  This is the most common mint of the poem set.  It was made in a charm shop, the whole set at once, then later broken up and spent.  It should be near-contemporary to the originals.  I have one other such mint from the same source.   

Note the brush marks are parallel to each other, and on the opposite sides.  They have been polished over, as on original coins.  Brush marks versus file marks imitating them are a clue to modern fake coins. The casting sprue (not visible in the scans) is at the 90 degree point, next to 'tong'.   That is not like originals, which would be at a 45 degree point.  Brush marks on a genuine cash should be parallel to the position of the central casting vent (made by a rod), as indicated by the sprue.  Brush marks are fake if not parallel to the that, or each other. 

This coin is slightly better made than the early larger originals.  Diameter 27.4mm, and at 5.12 gramsimg087.jpgimg093.jpg, almost exactly regulation weight for that period, despite that the original mint always cast them underweight.