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Pakistan First Coins

Started by Iftikhar Ahmad, December 20, 2023, 06:13:53 PM

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Iftikhar Ahmad

In 1947, at the time of independence, Pakistan did not have its coinage. It was agreed that the currency in circulation before partition would remain in circulation until the Pakistan government issued its own.

The first coins of Pakistan were issued in April 1948. The shape and the material of the coins were kept identical to the then-circulating coins of the former British Indian Government.

The coins were based on the traditional rupee system of the sub-continent, subdivided into 16 annas, each of 4 pices. A total of 7 coins were issued with the following denominations;

1.    1 Pice (Bronze)
2.    ½ Anna (Cupro-Nickel)
3.    1 Anna (Cupro-Nickel)
4.    2 Annas (Cupro-Nickel)
5.    ¼ Rupee (Nickel)
6.    ½ Rupee (Nickel)
7.    1 Rupee (Nickel)

The general format of the issued coins is as follows;

On the Obverse side, a Crescent and Star was depicted along with the value of the coin in both Urdu and English.
On the reverse side 'Tughra' is featured in Urdu and the inscription of 'Government of Pakistan' in English along with the year of issue.


I have a Pakistan 7 coin set in it's original green wallet when it was first issued, they not are all the same as yours though, apart from the rupee 1948 some of the others are dated 1964, also, the 1/2 Rupee reads as 50 paisa, 1/4 as 25 paisa etc

 I bought it in 1964  when this wallet was issued and they have remained virtually untouched ever since. Two of the smaller coins of coloured metal are wrapped in cellophane and look like they were coated in oil or something similar


PVC damage, try dipping in acetone, cyclohexanone etc