Aurangzeb. Mint: Ahmedabad. ¼ Rupee. Date AH XXXX / RY 23.

Started by asm, November 30, 2023, 01:06:35 PM

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After the fortunate addition of the 1/8th Rupee issued in the reign of Aurangzeb, minted in Ahmedabad, I was offered the ¼ Rupee.

So now I have the Rupee, Half Rupee, Quarter Rupee and One Eighth Rupee. I also have the Copper (Light) Dam and its Half. My query is: Were smaller fractions of both Silver and copper minted during the reign of Aurangzeb from the Ahmedabad Mint?

This is a very interesting question and I have had inputs from two leading experts. Looking forward to more...........

Below is the image of the ¼ Rupee minted in Ahmedabad during the reign of Aurangzeb in the 23rd year of his reign.

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An excellent addition to your collection. Just for the record, comparing with other Aurangzeb issues, the coins for the 23rd regnal year correspond to dates of AH 1090 or 1091 (not appearing on this coin).