RF series of tokens manufactured by R. Neal

Started by FosseWay, November 29, 2023, 09:17:50 AM

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I've had this series of tokens for a while, but apart from occasionally seeing one for sale on eBay etc. I've drawn a blank over the years. They all have RF, a denomination (explicitly in pence from 2d upwards, otherwise just a numeral), and some variation on Ralph Neal's maker's mark. I therefore presume they're British rather than Australian, South African etc.

½d - zinc, 32.0 mm, 4.45 g
1d - zinc, 32.1 mm, 4.20 g
1½d - zinc, 31.2 mm, 4.31 g
2d - zinc, 26.9 mm, 4.72 g
4d - bronze, 27.1 mm, 5.06 g
4½d - brass, 23.5 mm, 3,79 g
6d - zinc, 27.2 mm, 6.21 g

The first three denominations are bracteate, but struck on much thicker flans than most bracteates. The range of denominations is also quite unusual (4½d?). It wouldn't surprise me if there's a 3d out there, as well as potentially some shilling values.

Does anyone know anything about these?