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Junagadh 1 kori 1278 - 1919 ??

Started by carpatic, November 25, 2023, 10:26:42 AM

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hi. This Junagadh 1 kori looks to me to be dated 1278 - 1919, the last digit of the AH date does look 8 to me. In this case, this variant is not documented by Numista or Krause. Is it right, or is it actually 1279 just with a badly visible 9 digit?


it Looks like an 8 to me and there are several dated 1278 on zeno



This (inverted 'v')is the most normal way of writing '8'.

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Still, at a closer look, the coin posted by Vic, and those that I found on Zeno show 1278 - 1918, not 1278 - 1919, isn't it? The last digit of the Indian year is missing the distinctive dash of the 9.


Don't remember what era Junagadh was using at the time and am far from my library, but chances are that the the year 1278 AH overlapped part of 1918 and 1919. This is most certainly the case if 1918 and 1919 are CE dates, as 1278 is a moon year and 1918 and 1919 would be sun years.

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For Junagadh 1918 is a Vikram Samvat date which is 1861 AD and 1278 AH

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