Sassanian coin id help pls - Hormizd IV - solved

Started by Amit Kher, November 17, 2023, 05:40:49 PM

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Amit Kher

can't figure out the ruler on this Sassanian coin?
Khusro I? Hormazd IV?
or another ruler?

Mint & dates are beyond my capability so not venturing there at all :)

I'm unable to figure out
kindly help

Diameter: 30.27
Weight: 4.04


The ruler is Hormizd IV (domed crown and marginal crescents and stars: Khusro I has star and crescent before crown and no stars in his marginal crescents)

The date is year 9 (see and the mint is GD for Gay/Jay, a district of Isfahan (see



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Quite nicely preserved coin, Amit. Congratulations.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

Amit Kher

thanks a lot Alan for the id & also for the details of difference in the marginal crescent
hopefully this confusion will not occur again :)

the links are a goldmine too  ;D
next coin I'll try to work out on my own & trouble you for confirmation, provided that the next coin is between that of Peroz I & Khusro II; my exposure & learning so far is limited to between these two rulers

Amit Kher

thanks Peter for the continuous encouragement  :rock:

Amit Kher

Alan i was trying to find the appropriate coin on Numista & found 5 entries for "ND (578-590) GD"  ???
the difference being "SNS# 584" to "SNS# 588"
any help on this?


The SNS 'Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum' volumes are Sylloge publications, which means that they illustrate and publish every coin in a collection or several collections, so there might be 5 identical coins, all from the same ruler, mint and date listed.

I think the only way to effectively use a sylloge reference is to look at the actual illustrations and refer to the nearest to your example: sometimes you can be lucky and the coin illustrated is from the same dies and you can confidently say 'SNS 585, same dies' but otherwise you have to be content with 'as SNS 584-588'

Another reference you can use is of course Zeno, where 165879 and 208109 are also Hormizd IV, GD year 9


Amit Kher

thanks again ALan
as "Sylloge nummorum Sasanidarum" is out of reach, for now i think i'll settle for simpler reference :)