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Czech Beer token - Pilsen

Started by JMP, September 11, 2023, 09:15:21 PM

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In a box, I found this Czech beer token from the town of Pilsen.
In 2006 I visited there the historical underground of the town, together with the local beer museum.
Because I could not remember how precisely I obtained the token, I just took a look on the www, where they write:
"On the tour you will receive a beer voucher, in exchange for which at select Pilsen restaurants you can taste 0.3l of Pilsner Urquell beer".
So,now you get 0,3l beer, in 2006 it was only 0,2l. The times are changing for the better :o !
However a normal and cheep beer in those days was 0,5l in the Czech Republic, so I did not use my token, not to look ridiculous with that small glass.

Aluminium, >30mm<.


I have two similar tokens from Pivovarské Muzeum v Plzni (beer museum in Plzeň), which I imagine are used in the same way.

I don't know what the significance of the different metals is.

Brass: 25 mm, 4.86 g
Bronze: 25 mm, 5.12 g


"DISCOUNT PACKAGE: Take a tour of the Historical Underground and a tour of the Brewery Museum on the same day! Both tours start in the same building in Veleslavínova Street in Pilsen. More information HERE."
I got my token in the Historical Underground, but as one can see here above, the visite of the Underground has not necessarily to be combined with that of the Beer Museum. Hence the different tokens.


And more ... (continuation of the text in the image of my last message).

"*With the purchase of the ticket, every adult visitor of Beer Brewing Museum automatically receives an aluminum beer coin marked with the inscription ,,Beer Brewing Museum" good for 0.3 liter of Pilsner Urquell beer. Every adult visitor of Plzeň Historic Underground will receive a coin good for 0.2 liter of a special beer Master, also in aluminum form. People may then exchange their beer coins for a given amount of a given beer in one of the selected Plzeň pubs, or save them as souvenirs."

So, the beer token given to the vitors of Plzen's Historic Underground seems still limited to 0,2 liter today.


And now I saw the copper and brass versions of my Underground token are in Numista.
So, that should be the specimens from the souvenir shop, as explained earlier in the messages and mine (aluminium) is one you get when you do the visiting tour.

By the way, it is not so that every participator to the tour gets such a token. I remember now, the guide had a token or five in her pocket and in a quiet moment between two comments, she spoke those close around her about the token and the people who handed out got one. But if you were a bit behind or you were gazing at something of interest, you knew about nothing and if you did not hand out, you got nothing. Hence the relatively low figures of produced tokens.