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Assist - German Beer Token

Started by CameronK, September 11, 2023, 12:48:06 AM

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Hello! I got this in a Notmünze collection recently. It's 23mm, 4.5g. Can anyone recommend a resource or help me narrow down its identification?

Why? I coax stories out of unidentified coins.


It doesn't appear to be in Menzel - I did a global search on all parts of the catalogue for "Zirkel". The lack of useful text to search on makes it difficult. 

It could be hiding somewhere in Menzel that's eluding me, but I have several fairly generic or ambiguous beer tokens that aren't catalogued, and I think the same is true here.


Thank you, I'll search for Menzel and Zirkel and see what I can find!
Why? I coax stories out of unidentified coins.


Did a quick search at a German language token website and came up with nothing either. One problem with using "Zirkel" as a search term is that it is also used for local "sub-units" of student fraternities or sororities. So don't be surprised if you do not see any compasses on a piece that a web search for Zirkel digs up. ;)


Why? I coax stories out of unidentified coins.