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French Pacific, need help..

Started by Alex Island, August 12, 2023, 07:56:34 AM

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Alex Island

I noticed this series of tokens in 2016 and have been watching sales ever since.
The seller writes:

FRENCH PACIFIC ½ Poe Rava 2015, all different islands, Alu, unusual Ø20mm
Not legal tender, issued for collectors, each coin is has a different island name

There are 125 islands in total and all are different.
They are usually sold individually or in lots of 10 pieces.
Perhaps they are made of aircraft-grade aluminum melted down from an old WW2 aircraft.
And I am surprised that only 79 out of 125 coins are on sale. I know what the names are supposed to be but I've never seen them for sale. So I have 79 photos and am looking for 46 more photos.
So I want to ask who might have seen all the other coins or the whole series of 125 coins?  :)  ???  8)
All islands around the world & islands coin