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Sassanian Hormizd IV coin details - solved

Started by Amit Kher, August 03, 2023, 04:10:49 PM

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Amit Kher

i got this coin with seller's detail as follows -
"RHM Mint (Rakhaj) on the right in Pahlavi and year RY 11 (Yazdeh) in Pahlavi on the left"
I couldn't find a match at Numista, so need help to ascertain if the details are correct

kindly guide


Amit Kher


The main reference I use has this mint as LAM, for Ram-Hormizd in Khuzistan ( top of page) but the date is correctly read as 11 (see

The problem is of course that many of the mint signatures keep on being reattributed, but I have never come across the mint of 'Rakhaj' before.


Amit Kher