Cartoonish forgery of Sikh Multan AV Rupee

Started by naabh4, July 11, 2023, 08:08:54 PM

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Saw this cartoonish copy of the Sikh Multan AV rupee being sold on eBay as well as few other sites. I informed the seller that this is a forgery, but he said that he worked as an NGC grader before and started abusing me. So, wanted to post this for awareness since I've seen more of these pop up across different eBay stores. I was also very worried since an ex-NGC grader was not able to spot this forgery. So was concerned that some of these could end up in TPG holders.

Genuine issues of this type can be seen here: 


First, forget the NGC grader diversion. All third party grading organisations are bad at spotting forgeries of non North-American coins. Also, applying grades for machine struck coins - let alone a 70 point grade scale - to hammered coins is not exactly proof of expertise. Quite the contrary.

Yes, the piece shown differs markedly from those shown by acsearch. The conclusion that it is not an official coin seems obvious. Offering it on eBay, rather than a serious auction is a bad sign. Abusing you is a sign of not having confidence in his own expertise. Still, there is an element of doubt, in that it is offered as an emergency (siege) coin. However, I complete lack the expertise to know if such gold siege coins exist and, if so, if they look like this.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.