History of Chamba state Ruler Charhat Singh (1808 - 44 AD) through his coinage

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Raja Jit Singh died in 1808, and his son Charhat Singh came to power and with him began a new era. Charhat Singh ruled from 1808 to 1844. The political condition of North West India was very unstable at that time. On one side, Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab was trying to carve out a large Sikh Empire by conquering neighbouring states and on the other, Raja Sansar Chand Katoch of Kangra was trying to subjugate the Gorkhas and enlarge his kingdom.  Under such a scenario, Chamba was forced to tread very carefully and side with the Maharaja.

In 1809, during the reign of Raja Charhat Singh, Wazir Nathu of Chamba helped Maharaja Ranjit Singh to negotiate with Raja Sansar Chand Katoch, as a result of which, Maharaja could lay his hand on Kangra Fort and neighbouring villages. Wazir Nathu also saved the Maharaja's life by providing him with a new horse during his campaign in Kashmir. As a result, Ranjit Singh Ji never tried to conquer Chamba but was protected by setting up a garrison there.

However, with the death of the Maharaja in 1839, the position became unstable once more.  This is also the year when Raja Chahat Singh ji was blessed with an heir apparent. So, when the king died in 1844, Prince Shri Singh was still a minor.

Details about the coin :-

Ruler :- Charhat Singh  (1808 - 44 AD)
Obv :- "श्री चर्हतसिंहस्येयं मुद्रा" with Trident 
Sri Charatsinh samyah Mudra.
Rev: - "श्री लछमीनाथ मुद्रायं" with a trident 
Sri Lachminath Mudra.

Wt - 8.27 grams.
Denomination - Paisa

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