Ratlam, Baroda or Kachcha paisa?

Started by KarlAntonMartini, May 18, 2023, 08:12:54 PM

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This paisa was sold to me as a Dhar coin. But at least the cross-like symbol I found on a Baroda paisa (C 33.2) and on Ratlam (Bhat picture 137). It has 10,72 g. and a diameter of 22 mm. As I don't find a mint name nor a date it might be a Kachcha paisa? - I have read here several times about a book of member Salvete about Malwa coppers, does anybody know the bibliographical data of this essay, please? - Best regards, KarlAntonMartini


The coin looks overstruck, which makes ID more difficult. In a quick look through Zeno I didn't find a match. Hopefully another member will be able to help.