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Hemidrachm of Peroz Kushanshah, Harid mint

Started by Figleaf, March 04, 2023, 04:41:51 PM

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In the early process of the Kushan empire falling apart, it was split in two. The part East of the Indus, with capital Taxilia remained the territory of the Kushans. West of the Indus, with capital Kapisa, became a vassal state of the Sassanids. It include all of what is now known as Uzbekistan, but also parts of Northern Iran and Afghanistan. The Kushanshah lands were eventually taken over by the Hephtalites (white Huns).

My copper hemidrachm was struck in the period 271-356 AD, during the reign of Peroz Kushanshah. I am puzzled by the mint name Harid, as Wikipedia says it is in Yemen. The legends are in Pahlevi, 13mm, 1.0 gram. Reference: MACW 1288.


Obv: crowned bust of Peroz right, PYRUChIS MALIKA (Peroz king)
Rev: Half length figure of Ahura Mazda rising from altar, holding wreath and trident. Legend BWRZ'Y NDY YZTY

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


My understanding from Cribb is that these 'Bactrian' type coins were probably struck in Balkh: I too have never heard of 'Harid' as a Kushano-Sasanian mint.



Surely you both know more than me about these coins and the Kushan empire, so very little i can contribute. But i'll keep on reading you and learning about them.

BTW, i love that image of Ahura Mazda, it looks both impressive and majestic.