Sikh kingdom, Duleep singh (1843– 1849 AD), Mint Dera ghazi khan, Paisa, VS 1905 , Rare

Started by sarwar khan, February 05, 2023, 02:42:48 PM

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sarwar khan

Dera Ghazi Khan was founded in the late 15th Century by a Mahrani chief ghazi Khan who occupied the surrounding area of the South Derajat. The new rulers at the first held their territory as vassals of the Multan government, but in the third generation they found themselves strong enough to throw off the yoke and proclaim their Independence of the lodis.

Eighteen princes of the same family held successively leave the lower Derajat and were named alternately Haji and ghazi Khan. When Akbar Conquered most of the northern India they made nominal submission but were Virtually independent. In 1739 the country West of the Indus came into the hands of Nadir shah but in 1758 the area was overrun by the kalhoras of Sindh. By 1770 Ahmad Shah Durrani had established his authority there.

With the final Retreat of the Afghans from the Punjab the sikhs were able in 1819 to annex the Derajat ,although the southern part was held as a fief by the Nawab of bahawalpur, who in 1827 seized the whole district of the Derajat.

Ranjit's singh subjugated Dera Isma`il Khan in 1821, but gave it to she dispossessed Mankera ruler, Hafiz Muhammad Khan, as a tributary to Lahore, ion is and the neighbouring districts were made tributary in 1822 but not directly annexed. However, after the disturbances created by the fanatical Sayyid Ahmad Barelavi were quelled, there was a change in Ranjit Singh`s policy regarding his trans Indus territories. Dera Ghazi Khan was brought under direct control in 1830 by General ventura one of Ranjit's leading commanders .

Details about the coin :-

Ruler :- Duleep singh (1843– 1849 AD)

Mint Dera Ghazi Khan,
Denomination :- Paisa.   
Obv.: AKAL SAHAI GUR NANAK Ji ( Leaf ) with Date 19X5
Issue year :- 1905 VS / 1849 AD
Weight :- 8.470 Grams.

Foot note :-
In 1849 AD , VS 1905. Sikh army defeated in third Anglo- Sikh war afterward the British East India Company forcibly annexed Sikh kingdom and the mint in " Dera ghazi khan "" was closed in 1849. This must be one of the last issues of the Dera ghazi khan.

Superb grade with Full date makes the coin more collectible & Rare

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I don't know about its rarity, but it's a very nice and interesting piece. With 8,47gr, it has to be quite big. Does that leaf has any meaning?


Hey Tirant - In The Coins of the Sikhs by Hans Herrli he notes that we still do not know why a leaf was the chosen mark, but there are some theories out there -

W.H. Valentine constantly referred to it as a "Pipal Leaf" which he called, without giving a more detailed explanation, "a favorite sign or mark of the Sikhs".

In one of his earlier publications Saran Singh saw in the mark a kamal or lotus leaf whereas R.I. Somiya identifies it as the leaf of the Bel' or Beri tree (Zy-zyphus jujuba).

For P.L. Gupta the mark represents a kalallgi, a turban ornament, but he un-fortunately does not inform us about the reasons for his rather farfetched statement.