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Please identify Indian Coin

Started by Adv. Girish bhambhani, January 21, 2023, 10:25:45 AM

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

Kinldy help in identifying this Indian coin.
Weight: 6.45 gms approx
Diameter: 19.05 mm approx
Thank you.



Most likely a 'Janjira' Paisa, used in Jafrabad area in Saurashtra. Jafrabad is a small town near Amreli / Rajula and was a part of the Siddi controlled Janjira Island.

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I'm in agreement with Amit. Although not quite a match, the following coin looks similar to yours.

Janjira Island, Sidi Ibrahim Khan II, paisa, 1789-1792

Adv. Girish bhambhani

Yes, it is a copper coin Amit.
Thank you Amit and Seeker55 for your help.