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Giant Swiss "Coins"

Started by chrisild, January 04, 2023, 09:48:21 PM

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Not sure whether this topic actually belongs here :) but it is funny. The artist/potter Irene Müller from St. Gallen, Switzerland has made giant "copies" of the Swiss circulation coins. For example, a regular 5 fr coin has a diameter of 31 mm – her clay piece is 25 centimeters. The "coins" are handmade, and you can tell they are not replicas. Müller does not plan to sell them, but maybe exhibit them at a local bank.

The "Alphirt" (herdsman) portrait on her 5 fr piece for example does look different from that on an actual coin. But I like the idea, especially since, at least with classical coin design, the designer makes a large plaster model at some point. Here is a short video (in Swiss German) about the artist and her products. Attached is a screenshot featuring a 2 fr coin ... in two versions. ;)