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unknown coin - solved

Started by Amit Kher, December 26, 2022, 07:36:12 AM

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Amit Kher

can't make out anything about this coin
could this be a fake?
seller info:
India or Silk road AE local bracteate similar to kushan style unkown issue

pls help if someone has any idea


Dimensions and weight would be useful as usual, but I would think it is a piece of jewellery rather than a coin. The style looks much more modern (17th century or later?) than Kushan, and a bracteate is not a very practical shape for a coin in base metal. Also, it shows very little sign of corrosion, which might be expected of such a thin piece of metal if it had been buried for very long.

It may have been intended to be silvered or gilt and attached to a vase or other metalwork (I don't see any holes by which it could have been attached to clothing of hung on a cord or chain though.), or may just be a trial piece for a die which would later be used to produce ornaments in silver or gold sheet.


Amit Kher

Thanks Alan for the insight , I only instinctively had a doubt