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D. João VI, 1816-1826. Cruzado Novo(480 Reis), Coroa Alta, 1820, prata.

Started by Luis Cozeto, December 22, 2022, 08:14:36 PM

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A very nice coin indeed. Little wear, all details clear. High crown, as you note, cross of two lines on globus cruciger on top of the crown.

There is a gap of 20% between the denomination of the silver and gold coin (in this case 400 réis) and the legal value (480 réis). This is due to a measure taken in 1688 to adjust for inflation during the war of the Spanish succession that had raised the cost of making the coins above their nominal value. Rather than adjust the coins, the rate of the coins as expressed in copper réis was adjusted. Although this produced awkward values in réis, the law was not withdrawn and the metal content of the coins was not modified until after the wars of Napoléon and decimalisation in 1835. The cruzada novo of 480 réis was minted until 1837.

Numista 27731

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