Gibraltar: 1 pound Calpe House Gibraltar Award 2022

Started by eurocoin, December 16, 2022, 08:25:10 PM

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To commemorate the fact that Calpe House was granted the Gibraltar Award this year, the government of Gibraltar has released a special 1 pound coin. It was minted at Tower Mint. Not much else is so far known about this piece. Calpe House, which is based in London, provides accomodation and support for Gibraltarians who have to travel to the UK for medical treatment. In 2018, the government of Gibraltar issued a series of circulating coins to commemorate Calpe House.

Gibraltar 1 pound 2022 Calphe House Gibraltar Award.jpg

Delivery of the Gibraltar Award in March of this year, with Tower Mint mintmaster Raphael Maklouf in attendance.

Calpe House Award.jpg



Just an update - it's now widely available in circulation based on my very short last week visit to the Rock.


I asked in Gibraltar National Mint and this will be not distributed via their eshop... But coins appeared on multiple auctions so easy to buy it.