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Mehmed II, akche. ? (#5)

Started by iindica, November 13, 2022, 02:43:45 AM

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Looks similar to this coin,54605.0.html

This one is 0.89gms, silver

And is the year 825?


825 seems right, but that would normally make it Murad II: however, his coins have a tughra on the obverse.

An alternative for 825 is Mustafa Celebi, a rival Sultan, but his coins have a horizontal format, not the circular format of this one.

The legends on this one seem to conform to the one of Mehmed II that you pointed to, so the only conclusion is that the date is an engraver's error for 865, the Arabic 2 and 6 being mirror images.

The mint is Amasia, see Zeno 232376 for one with the correct date.