Mewar. Rupee in name of Shah Alam II. Mint: Bhilwara. (DAK Shahjahanabad on coin) RY 4

Started by Adv. Girish bhambhani, November 09, 2022, 07:24:32 AM

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

Kindly help in identifying this coin..
Weight: 10.95 gms approx.
Thank you!


Issue in the name of Alamgir II, pseudo mint name Dal Al Khilafat, Shahjahanabad. RY 7.

It is a state issue but I am not sure of the state name.

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

Thank you for the identification Amit. Even I thought it would be Alamgir II. However, Alamgir II reigned from AH 1167 to 1173, and the year on the coin is 1162, so I was a bit confused.


The year 1062 has been recorded before. Your coin differs significantly from those shown in Zeno and Numista, notably because of a missing divider on your upper picture.

Compare Zeno 171876, Numista 50479

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Unfortunately many of the dates for that Numista entry seem to be totally wrong, there is a variation of 100 years! It looks likely that they are conflating Alamgir I and Alamgir II in many cases.

According to Bosworth Alamgir II reigned 1167-1173 H, so there is no way a coin dated 1062 regnal year 7 can be attributed to him, nor can any of those dated the 1060-1070! Alamgir I ruled 1068-1118 so some of them could belong to him, but the 1162 yr.7 cannot be correct for Alamgir II either.

Numista can be a great resource, but any incorrect entries by collectors are just going to produce a mess like this.

I think Amit is right that this is a states issue, not Mughal, but I'm afraid I've no idea which one at the moment.



This is Bhilwara coin from Mewar.

Below is an excerpt from an article by Roshanlal Samar in JNSI vol XXV titled 'Coins of Mewar'

Bhilwara Coins - These coins are similar to Udaipuri coins in their legends; but the symbols - (i) flag, (ii) the five-lined symbol and (iii) the branch of the tree -  are missing. However they have a circle of five dots with a central dot below A'lam in the top line. Here the name of the ruler may clearly be read as A'lamgir. The coins are dated [1]162A.H. (Pl.V.17). The silver content in these coins is better than Udaipuri coins. These coins were probably Ajmer minted at Bhilwara and were current round about it and also in district.

Image of (Pl.V.17) is attached for reference.

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

Thank you all for the help and detailed description.