Maybe 1 - 1/2 kurush AH1223 KM#601 ?

Started by Darioelle, October 13, 2022, 01:48:43 PM

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Hi All,
yesterday I found this piece of metal looking like turkish coins.
turkeyrov.jpegturkeydritto.jpeg  Its weight is 3,72 g and diameter is 27 mm.
As I can see the "coin" has differences in features and weight with KM#601 but I couldn't find anything exactly looking as it looks, so I think its just a fake, can you confirm it or maybe I am wrong?


Jewellery fantasy I'm afraid. This type only starts in year 26, but this is dated year 25. I have a '6 piastres' (8.29gm, 37 mm, see below) and a 'gold 1/2 altin' (0.79 gm, 17 mm) which I removed from an earring about 20 years ago.

The leaves in the marginal wreath go the opposite way, but I am pretty sure that yours is from the same stable, with the thick and rather sloppy lettering.



Hi Alan, that is my opinion too, let's wait for some other's message to be sure ;)