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The ultimate lowball coin

Started by brandm24, September 26, 2022, 09:58:54 PM

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This is probably the most worn US coin I've ever seen that's still identifiable as to type and date. IT's an 1841 Seated Liberty dollar with barely enough detail remaining to read the date.  The denomination can only be identified by it's size. The reverse is completely smooth.

A collector friend of mine bought it as part of a "lowball set" that features the worst coins in all Seated Liberty denominations. He rates the condition as Poor-1 while I think it does an injustice to rate it that high...I'm thinking basil state at best. ;D

Bruce1841  Seated $1  lowball  ob.jpg
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This coin has a minimum of two practical uses.

Weigh it and put that weight in your computer in some place you can find it. This piece of information can be used to approximate the loss of weight due to wear by interpolation. Example. A coin weighs 20 grams in unc, 10 grams in poor. There are seven grades, so it loses about 1.1428 grams for each grade. If you choose to believe in the practicality of a 70-point grading system, the coin loses about 0.11428 grams for each grading point it loses. This allows you to reassure people who think their worn coin is a fake because it is underweight. Juno Moneta will reward you for that charity :)

Do like my mother, who would put my largest silver duplicate coin of abominable grade (a standing liberty quarter) in the water in which she was cooking mussels. If the coin turns black during cooking, throw out the mussels. At least one mussel is dead and rotting (sulphur will oxidate silver) and will give all diners a bad stomach ache (to put it politely) as a revenge for its untimely death. ;D

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I should make an offer for the coin. I didn't think that it had so many practical uses but now I know. Since the coin is still legal tender and is silver I think an offer of 8 bucks might bring it home to my mailbox. :)

BTW, I don't believe in a 70 point grading system. It's ridiculous to micro grade coins that way.

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