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Dehli sultanate, Iltutmish, AE AE Adli, G&G D71(S)

Started by Saikat, September 25, 2022, 09:41:08 AM

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A scarce one came to my collection.
Shams al-Din Iltutmish, AE Adli.
Obv: Iltutlish within hexagon
Rev: al sultan within hexagon
Wt : 1.48 gm
Dia:13.6 mm
Ref: D71 (S)
Zeno --
Numsta --


Thanks for showing this one Saikat. Very lovely patina ! It reminds me a bit on the mossy lichen which grows on the trees and bricks in my neighborhood a lot.
Although there is no "Adl" in the inscription this should undoubtedly be grouped under the "Adlis" category of small lightweight coins. Commonly these are all attributed to a mint in Dehli, but i would love if there would be some more solid studies on where these different coins were minted.
The design with the hexagram has some resemblance with the later Balban issue from Dehli (AE 14 mm, 1.54 gr):


But the hexagram design seems also to have been in vogue in earlier times more to the west. Judging this Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad Ghori type (AE 15 mm, 2.62 gr):



Thanks! May I  remind you of anther fraction of Iltutmish D76. That one was also enclosed in a star pattern and the mint was mentioned as Dehli.


Agree, The one you linked to can be attributed to Dehli and has the Hexagon. But the overall fabric of the coin looks very different (which partly could be explained by wear and conditions of the findspot).  In addition, there are even more Adli types for Iltutmish. Would that be because of his long reign or for other reasons ? We can just speculate.