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World Money Fair (Berlin) 2023

Started by chrisild, September 21, 2022, 04:36:20 PM

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In February 2023, the World Money Fair will make an attempt at taking place "like normal" again. Due to the pandemic, this year's WMF was a digital event in February '22 only, followed by a small-ish coin show in July '22. The plans for next year are different, it seems.

Not much is known at this stage, but we have the dates. See the attached image. ;) The location should be the Estrel (hotel and convention center) in Berlin again ...


I was surprised to see that Munich's public transportation still required a face mask. Is it different in Berlin?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


No, face masks are required in public transport ... just as in Los Angeles, Madrid and Rome for example. ;) More about that, and my recent travel experiences (not WMF related) here.

Still no news regarding WMF'23 on the website, but they have been "late" in previous years too. People may subscribe to a newsletter; this is the general one for visitors, and there is a special one for exhibitors.


Now we do have some more information. The opening hours for the general public will be:

Fri 3 Feb 2023: 10-18 h
Sat 4 Feb 2023: 10-18 h
Sun 5 Feb 2023: 10-16 h

Also, WMF visitors will be able to buy tickets in advance. This way you pay €12 for a one-day pass, or €24 for all three days. If you purchase your ticket at the convention center, it will be €15/€30. Currently the tickets cannot be purchased yet. More "later". :)


Tickets for the 2023 World Money Fair can now be purchased online (see #6 below). There are tickets for regular visitors, for professionals, and for attending the Technical Forum.

As mentioned before, a one-day pass is €12; a pass for all days is €24. However, a processing fee will be added to that - this way a 12 euro ticket for example will cost 13.83 euro when purchased in advance. Tickets for professional visitors are 100 euro (for the entire duration of the WMF) plus processing fee. Such "pros" can get in two hours earlier – as from 8.00 h every day.

You can also buy tickets for the Technical Forum, but they are pricy. One ticket is 390 euro; with USt (VAT) you pay 464.10 euro, and on top of that comes the processing fee (almost 25 euro if you buy one ticket). That is when you plan to attend the event in Berlin; an online ticket (livestream) costs "only" 119 euro per device.

What else? The opening hours I mentioned in the previous post. The Künker auctions will be on Tue 31 Jan, Wed 1 Feb and Thu 2 Feb. The Technical Forum is on Thu 2 Feb (13.30 – 18.00 h), the Media Forum is on Fri 3 Feb (as from 10.30 h).


Back in late September '22 you asked ...
Quote from: Figleaf on September 27, 2022, 07:36:29 AMI was surprised to see that Munich's public transportation still required a face mask. Is it different in Berlin?

The state of Bavaria (where Munich is) did away with the mandate in early December 2022. Other states had gone ahead or followed (SH, ST), and in early 2023 more German states will make this optional: Saxony as from 16-Jan, North Rhine Westphalia as from 1-Feb, Berlin/Brandenburg/Mecklenburg-V. as from 2-Feb, Thuringia as from 3-Feb.

So just in time for the WMF ;) covering the nose and mouth will no longer be a legal requirement in trains, subways, etc. That also applies to long distance trains (regulated by the feds; 2-Feb deadline).


The WMF ticket store is here:

By the way, this year's World Money Fair will AFAIK not have a guest country of honor. Instead, the WMF celebrates its anniversary: In 1971, the OEMB (Organisation Europäischer Münzen-Börsen) was founded. Shortly afterwards, in late January 1972 the first World Money Fair – then "Internationale Münzenbörse" – took place in Basel, Switzerland. And since 2021 or early 2022 would not have been great occasions for a big party, the jubilee will be this time.


Finally some more details about the program. Here is the WMF 2023 catalog:
You can view it online, or download the PDF. The current version is about 32 MB; sometimes the catalog gets updated again.

The Technical Forum (Thursday 2 Feb, 13.30–18.00 h) and its presentations can be found here:

At the Media Forum (Friday 3 Feb, roughly 10.30-13.30 h) ten countries/mints will present their programs: Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, United States. Find the details here:

By the way, when you purchase a WMF ticket in advance, you need to print it – none of that modern stuff ;) such as QR or wallet accepted. And as mentioned before, tickets that you buy at the venue, on the day of your visit, are a little more expensive. However, you may get a discount – say, as a member of the Austrian Mint's free MünzeClub. Example: One-day pass purchased in advance: €13.83, purchased at the show €15, MC members €10.

Will not go to Berlin though, for a mix of reasons: These days I buy very few coins only, but I briefly thought about a nice mix of MWF visit and sightseeing weekend. However, a few days later I will fly to Los Angeles, and I actually need to do some work too. ;) So maybe the World Money Fair 2024? But I am glad it will be a "real" show again next month!


Tomorrow the WMF opens its doors again, and I got an invitation the other day to a "media talk" that goes a little beyond the usual presentations: On the first day (Fri 3 Feb) at 11.00 h, the Austrian Mint will talk about ... cash. ;) Now you may say, sure, that is how they make their money – but this talk will have a somewhat different scope.

Gerhard Starsich (CEO, Münze Österreich/Austrian Mint) and Brett Scott (author of "Cloud Money") will discuss the relevance of cash. You can attend the talk in Berlin, or online, but prior registration is required. Here is more info (in German) about this "Media Round Table".