1 Escudo , República, cupro-niquel, 1951.

Started by Luis Cozeto, September 15, 2022, 06:51:14 PM

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Luis Cozeto

Peso : 7.5 gr.
Diâmetro:  26.7 mm.
Espessura: 2 mm.


This type was first issued in 1927. It shows. For 1951, its design is old fashioned. The explanation is simple. Following a costly participation in the first world war, Portugal's democracy was ended by a revolution in 1926, establishing what was aptly called a Ditadura Nacional (national dictatorship). This developed into the second republic, a conservative, nationalist regime with fascist as well as anglophile traits. In 1951, Portugal minted its last silver circulation coins. The second republic ended in a bloodless, cheerful coup that returned the country to democracy and opened the door to EU membership.

Numista 907

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