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10 Centavos , prata , República, 1915.

Started by Luis Cozeto, September 15, 2022, 06:32:24 PM

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Another nice specimen you are showing, Luis. Slight wear on the cheek, some marks in the field, but all details are sharp.

The surprising thing about this coin type is that it is indeed silver. This at a time when the French 25 centimes had been executed in cu-ni since 1903 and there was a perfectly good solution for the public taking cu-ni for silver: a central hole.

I guess that after the revolution of 1910, the republic was eager to do away with the awkward milreis-based currency, but not eager to worsen the coins. It can be no coincidence that the royal coin of 100 reis struck until 1910 had the same technical specifications as your 10 centavos piece.

Numista 11150

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