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1 Centavo, "P aberto" , República Portuguesa, 1920.

Started by Luis Cozeto, September 15, 2022, 06:24:48 PM

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Luis Cozeto


Our member globetrotter has documented the open P variety on Numista (scroll down to comments and click on document to enlarge it). I tried to see the open P on your coin, but did not succeed.

If the variety is a die cutting error, the P on your picture is closed. If it is a dirty die error, there will be a progression, where the early coins have hardly a gap in the P and on later coins the gap is increasingly large. In the latter case, a closer look at the P should be informative.

For the moment, I think a die cutter's error is more likely than a dirty die, because a dirty die will show traces of where the die was filled. I see no such "ghosting" on the coin globetrotter is picturing.

Numista 4931

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