D. Pedro, Príncipe Regente (1667-1683), 3 Réis - Cobre, 1677.

Started by Luis Cozeto, September 09, 2022, 11:37:45 AM

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Luis Cozeto

Escudo ladeado por 4 pontos.
Alberto Gomes: 03.06


Fun double strike, but it obscures the information needed for a precise identification. Of course, Gomes 03.06 is the most common variant, but that is not enough. Since there are two dots on each side of the coat of arms, this is indeed Gomes 03. However, on the ten variants listed in Gomes, there are three dates (1675, 1676 and 1677) and several legend variants of the Algarve titel.

The date cannot be determined, as the overstrike obscures the final digit of the date. What you take for a 7 may just as likely be similar die damage as you see left and right in the same area. There is a similar problem with the end of the reverse legend, which is PORTVGA, while the rest is obscured or off flan. I would argue that possible matches are Gomes 03.02, 03.04 and 03.06.

Obv: crowned arms between two pairs of dots, PETRVS.Dei.Gratia.PRINCEPS
Rev: denomination 3(reís), annulet left and right, three dots above and below. Legend as discussed above.

The story of why he was prince-regent is amusing. His older brother, Afonso VI, was incapacitated on his left and mentally unstable. That was no problem for Marie-Françoise de Nemours, until she found out a year later that the king was impotent. She had the marriage annulled and married Pedro, who was in turn inspired to shove his brother aside an become prince regent, becoming king when his brother died as a virtual prisoner in 1683.

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