Author Topic: Farrukhsiyar (AH1124-31/AD1713-19), 1/2 Rupee, Mint Surat, xxxxAH/RY 5, KM#375.2  (Read 2604 times)

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Fascinating stuff, Figleaf.  Apparently all European trading companies were inconvenienced (and robbed!) by the Mughal governments and their servants, and Surat was as bad as anywhere.  Why not?  It was their country, after all.  The English eventually had their noses put out of joint during the growth of the Malwa opium trade, especially in the early 19th century, when they finally were rewarded for short-sightedly 'putting their eggs all in one basket' - Bombay Port.  Then Karachi, Bhaunagar, Cambay and other ports had a few unexpectedly good years.  Another fascinating story.
You are certainly right about the huge output of silver coins from Surat, and both rupees and some fractions of Surat remain very easy to get - but not all dates.  Not only that, but Surat rupees were struck by a  number of other powers over the years.  Like Arcot rupees, of course.  Thank goodness for differentiating marks!  If you don't like complications, late Mughal numismatics is not the place to be:  but if you do, the delights never end.
Ultimately, our coins are only comprehensible against the background of their historical context.

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Here is mine Surat  rupee of Farukhsiyar. I observed that among most of the rulers  fraction 1/2  rupees of Muhammadabad Shah  one can get followed by Aurangzeb,Shahalam  1 and Farukhsiyar.

Lastly Jahandhar Shah ,Rafi U Darjat & Nurjahan surat 1/2 Rupee are exceedingly rare .

As said by Oesho ,Salvette and asm survival of fraction even of most common mints are quite less.

I got this coin after long waiting &  patience.

Cheers ;D
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