Rupee of Awadh? Shah Alam II - AH (12)28 RY36

Started by tjj67, August 19, 2022, 01:21:47 PM

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Hello All,
Sorry I am losing my confidence in trying to read these coins.

I am trying to attribute this rupee, am I reading date as AH1128 or AH1228 RY 36 incorrectly as it does not tie in with his period of his rule AH 1174-1221.

No luck on Zeno searching RY36, though I am thinking this is a Awadh issue

Can someone steer me in the right direction please


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Thank you Parimal.
I see now I was misreading the date as AH1228 and not 1208.
I thought searching zeno with 'RY.36' may have helped, but it didn't in this case.
Thanks again


Thank you for explaining your mistake, Tilo. It is helpful. I also missed that little dot when first reading the date, but your post set me straight in seconds. It is a mistake I hope not to make again.

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