Jodhpur Rupee? - ID required please

Started by tjj67, August 14, 2022, 08:57:08 AM

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Hello All,
Wishing to attribute this rupee.
I believe it is a Jodhpur issue, but appears unlisted in KM
Coin is ~22mm and 11.20g
Thanks in advance


I see what you mean.
One side of the coin (the first photo) matches one side of Jodhpur KM#36.2 and one side of this coin in Zeno:

However, I wasn't able to find a match for the other side among coins from Jodhpur.


Sorry that the post has loaded up multiple images.

Thanks Seeker55, agree the left hand image is a close match.
I note a different symbol bottom left with the rosette? as opposed to the sword or swastika on my example


From my cursory look in my copy of Jan Lingen's book "Marwar (Jodhpur State) History and Coinage", I think this can be attributed to Shah Alam II, Pali mint coin based on the swastika mint mark. Catalog no. P.03.01 var#01

Here's an example on zeno of Catalog no. P.03.01 var#04.
The var#04 coin have a 2-berry twig symbol instead of swastika.
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The attribution by parimal, despite that the coin is struck slightly off centre, is correct. In this series, trying to give it a KM-number, is hardly possible. This is one of the earliest issues of Pali mint. The mint at Pali commenced in 1788 (AH1202/Ry.30). Unfortunately both date and Ry. on this coin are off flan.


Thank you Parimal & Jan for the follow up to confirm the mint.