Jodhpur Rupee Shah Alam II Mint-Pali (Dal al Mansoor Jodhpur on coin) AH1218/RY5

Started by tjj67, August 14, 2022, 08:43:42 AM

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Hello All,
Looking for assistance with the attribution of what I believe is a Jodhpur rupee issue.

The additional 'vertical spear' within the inscription is not listed in any of my references that I can see.
Any help appreciated, coin is ~22mm and 11.25g



I have an almost identical rupee which when I acquired it (probably more than 20 years ago) I had identified as Jodhpur, C.30, but on rechecking Craig I find that that type doesn't have a spear, and as Tilo says Krause and my other references don't seem to have this type.

I'd be most grateful for what more expert members have to say about these coins.



For the coins of Jodhpur, Jan Lingen's (Oesho on WoC) book is the most reliable. I have requested Jan to have a look at all the three coins.

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Coins with spear are from Pali mint.

Numista 85033 (calls the spear a dagger)
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Thank you very much for clearing that up.



Thanks to you all for the responses.

Thanks Parimal for the clarification that the issue is from the Pali mint.
I found your blog site an excellent reference too.

Thanks Alan to for the Craig reference I haven't used this catalogue for years, so was good to revisit this reference, i'd forgotten how useful it can be.


Coin with frozen date AH1218/Ry.5, with spear mark. Mint: Pali.
Ref.: Lingen P.03.02.
Despite of the fact that coins in the name of Shah Alam II bear the mint-name "Dar al-Mansur Jodhpur", they were struck at different mints, viz.: Jodhpur, Pali & Sojat. Only Merta and Nagaur show the actual mint-name ofn their coins.
As Pali had by far the largest output, most coins of Shah Alam II with mint-name Dar al-Mansur Jodhpur are of Pali mint.